Coaching Is For You?


Coaching is for anyone who wants to take their lives to the next level. Whether you’re trying to revamp your skills, make changes, deal with challenges that happen in our life. Or, rebuild their life in a new country. Coaching is for people who are more or less have it under control but want to step it up and realize dreams. Does this sound like you? Let’s chat and see what I can do to help.

Change is difficult. Lasting change is rare. Valuable change often requires an outside perspective to see the blind spots that you can’t. We work in these blind spots.

What changes are YOU working through?

  • A new goal, business opportunity or lifestyle vision or cultural difference

  • Frustration, anxiety or confusion implementing a new change

  • Struggle with starting a business

  • Feelings of burn-out, low energy, boredom or lack of purpose or drive

  • Development of self-knowledge or a new talent, skill or strength

Expat Life in the Netherlands123

Well, I have been there and know the challenges. Do you find yourself between two cultures? You just arrived in The Netherlands and not quite sure what to make of it all? Having the feeling you want the next plane out? My Cross-Cultural Coaching can help you made adjustments, gain clarity and take the steps necessary to thrive abroad. It’s possible to live the best of both worlds. I have been there and I know adapting to Dutch culture can be quite a challenge. I had to figure everything out myself and it took loads of time. It caused frustration, stress and so much anxiety. When I started my coaching business I made a promise to myself and the clients I work with that I would make it my work to help as many expats as possible and to help identify the blinds spots that took me so long to discover. I’ve been there and it’s always a work in progress. Let me help you identify the blind spots regardless of where they occur in your life. Let’s work on your challenges.

If you recognize yourself – or if you feel stressed but can’t quite identify it, then go for it and contact me for a FREE 15 minute coaching session. It’s time you invest in yourself? You deserve it!


“The value of a coach is helping you through the change process”