Is your copy communicating who you are, what you do, and why you’re business is the one your prospective client should choose? 


Website & Tagline

Are you having trouble connecting with your audience? When your copy is not motivating your visitors to take action, it’s not resonating with them. Resulting is no sales. Don’t see what you want, contact me for a custom quote.

Website Copy

Home Page – $400

About Page – $400

Long-Form Sales Page – $780

Website Tag Line (5 options) – $250

Copy Assistance

     “The CopyCure”

You don’t have the budget (at the moment) to hire a designer or copywriter, but needs guidance on their website. This is created just for you!

What is included?

A 1-hour call via ZOOM where you can ask me anything about your website copy.

Need help writing your about page?

Can’t figure out how to target your message?

I can help you with all of these common problems and more!

How does it work?

I send a questionnaire asking all about your website concerns. Then your answers are reviewed and we set up a call within the week.

At the end of the hour, I give a list of steps you can take to improve your website or copy immediately!

It’s that simple.

Marketing Copy

All things marketing Blogs & Emails

You’re busy with your business and don’t have the time to write a weekly blog post?  Writing marketing and sales emails is not your thing? But you have a lot of ideas and you can’t catch up with them? Send us your ideas and we will create written gold in your own brand voice.

250 words or less –

250-500 words –

500-750 words –

750-1,000 words –

1,000+ words – Ask for a Custom Quote

Emails and more!

Email  & Subject Line – to grab the attention


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