Target Your Audience with strategic copywriting!

Strategic copywriting targets your audience.

10 Seconds!  How long do you have to capture your audience before they tune you out? In that time, you must engage them and persuade them to act. Communicate your value in the first 10 seconds! How you do it will depend on the content.

Ordinary words or action inspiring copy?

Do you know the best way to create engaging web copy? Using strategic copywriting not only dazzles but grabs the attention of the reader making them want to know more. The more they stay on your website the more likely to click the “Contact Me” button.


What is effective web copy?                               

  • Eye catching to your target audience

  • Promotes products or services with persuasion

  • Targets your message with clarity and tone

Before we begin we discover:

  • Your goals and intent for your website

  • How your product or service solves a problem

  • Why your prospects should buy from you rather than your competitors

  • What is your uniqueness? This is a biggie!



 the right word to sell your message!

Words captivating your prospects, tapping emotions, arousing interest and a call to take immediate action!


Creating crisp, clear headlines and snappy sub-heads!

What strategic copywriting can do for you:

  • Butt-kicking copy, conversational, engaging and pages that people will read.

  • Flowing text that flows logically.

  • Website that sells and pages that together to give people a reason to contact you.

  • The headlines, subheadings, bullet points, blurbs, etc… that’s all part of my services.



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