Native English Copy

 Targeting U.S. or English-speaking markets?

Wordtree Communications specializes in helping European companies boost marketing power within U.S. English-speaking markets.

 Are you ready to emerge in the US or another English-speaking market? 

 Your Story is Your Brand – The DNA Of Your Company    Develop your brans with native English content.

Words are important as image.

Your web content defines you as a brand more than your logo – but what about content?

What is a brand story?

The brand story is the blueprint for your communication. It’s your voice. It’s what makes you different from your competitor. It’s your company DNA told in a way people can relate to. People are more likely to connect to a genuine and interesting story rather than fact after fact.

Approach… to your brand story

  • Your voice, tone – how are you going to speak?

  • Your heart – what messages you want to be spread?

  • Your personality – how do you get people to listen to you?

  • Your social skills – how do you make new friends and interact with them when you’re talking?



 You Need an English Website to Attract Your Clients and Customers!

Does your international company want to sell its products or services abroad? If your target market includes the United States or other countries where English is spoken, then one of your first steps should be to have a website in English.

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