profile white 17febSo who am I?

My name is Maria Simonetti. I relocated to the Netherlands after relocating from New York.  This is my story… part of it anyway. This was rather a giant step into the unknown. New culture, new language and new way of doing things. This tiny country with its cultural diversity and rather different way of doing business enabled me to grow personally and professionally. Prior to relocating, I worked in corporate communications in the financial market. I was also doing trainings and coaching sessions.

While serving US clients, I quickly turned my attention to how I could help the businesses in my new home. From that idea, Wordtree Communications was born to offer Dutch and European businesses a US marketing advantage. With a degree in International Business and Psychology I was able to take those skills into business storytelling. I’ve been running Wordtree Communications offering web copywriting, consultancy and training since 2007.

My voice is strong and conversational making it possible to appeal to a range of audiences. My style is straight-forward and can adapt the appropriate tone of voice for your business. I’ll take a look at your market, products and industry and then I’ll craft the right message for your business

What makes me alittle different is I’m all about communication and what triggers people. Translation? A rare 2-for-1 hybrid, left and right brain thinker that can bring a strategic copywriting spin to creative projects.

I will be your strategic partner and help you to build your business and coach you in the right direction. I don’t have all the answers and we may not always agree, but it doesn’t matter what you or I think. All that matters is what your customer thinks. I may be based in the Netherlands, but I can work with you, wherever you’re located. Logistics is never an issue. Contact me at +31 (0) 83 43 1095 and let’s talk about what I can do for you.

Looking forward to be of service,


Communication Consultant